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    A career in veterinary medicine is not meant to be stagnant. That's why continuous growth and education is one of our core beliefs at Capital District

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    After a busy shift in the ER department, our veterinarians at Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital in Latham, NY know how important it is to be able to get outside, enjoy outdoor activities, and decompress.

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We asked our team members about their favorite aspects of working at Capital District, and this is what they said!

Generous with CE

We are given a continuing education allowance which is really generous... It's a big draw for me, because even though I've been doing this for a long time, I want to increase my knowledgebase. - Kara Donohue, LVT

Working with people who care about you

Knowing that you have people you can go to that want to support you, and want you to be working in an environment that makes you happy to come to everyday; I think that is what makes Capital District different. - Heather Hauf, LVT

Our caseload is diverse and not too small

It's not too small, we have a heavy caseload, we see all the types of cases that a criticalist would want to see. ... The people I work with are absolutely the best. Shelley Smith, DVM, DACVECC

Feel valued by your team mates

Everyone knows each other, ... that closeness helps us grow and develop as a team. If you want to go to a place where you are going to feel valued, ... important, ... where you will feel comfortable voicing your opinions to someone who wants to listen, then you are going to be good here - Butch Bastiani

We help eachother grow and learn

It is big enough to allow you to see many different types of cases, and it's also small enough where you get to know everybody. - Heather Hauf, LVT